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07 August 2016 @ 03:49 pm
[sticky post] Hello  
So this is my first post yay!
I'm going to do a basic introduction
My name is Nathalie and I live in Canada.


Favorite Groups
SNSD -Taeyeon is my ub
Kanjani8 - Subaru is <3
Shinhwa - Hyesung
One Ok Rock

Some other groups that I just got into are NEWS, Kinki Kids and TOKIO. There are more but too much for me to name.
I also like watching kdramas and jdramas
I don't know how often I'll use Lj but I'll try
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14 March 2017 @ 10:00 am
I have a long week ahead of me.... Anyways today was supposed to be my first day of clinical but we have a severe weather storm alert so it had to cancelled........ I was actually looking forward to it though. This is such a pain. AND I woke up early to get ready and I can't even go back to sleep....
BUT EIGHTERTAINMENT WILL BE RELEASED MAY 5 I'M SO EXCITED. I'm super looking forward to it I can't wait.
Taeyeon's album came out and it's awesome. I mean I didn't like every single song but I liked the title song and a lot of the other songs <3
I'm still watching Introverted Boss but it's almost done I'm just waiting for the last subs to come out. And I'm thinking of watching Queen of Ring too. It looks funny and cute and the actors are cute a f too
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26 February 2017 @ 12:31 am
It's been so long since I'e written anything. I'm sooooo busy I have no idea how I am keeping sane tbh. I have school 5 times a week and work 3 times a week. I literally never have any time for myself which sucks because alone time for me is one of the most important things. But it's okay because this coming week I have off and I only work tomorrow and Thursday so that means on most of the other days I can just relax and study more for my midterm exams..... which I have not been doing well on and it sucks because I think I might have to retake my classes and I don't want to.
I started to watch that korean drama 'My Introverted Boss' and seriously it's pretty cute. Both female and male leads are super cute. The female lead remind me of Red Velvet's Irene for some reason. So cute.
I've also been listening to a lot of Kanjani songs both old and new and watching a lot of their concert DVD's. I want to watch more shows but I don't have time TT. ALSO the more I get into Kanjani the more I'm realizing who I like. My ichiban is Subaru and no one can take that spot but recently I've been loving Maru. He's so cute and once in a while I see his serious face and literally it's so hot like omg kill me rn.
I wanted to start watching more shows with NEWS too but I haven't watched too many after that binge I had. I need some recommendations.
I can't believe February is almost done like why is my life passing me by so quickly? Does this happen when you get old(er)? I can't take it.
AND I ALMOST FORGOT. MY QUEEN TAEYEON IS SLAYING. I'm so excited for her upcoming album. Her teasers/highlights are making me so excited. I can't wait. I think I will really like this album.
Tomorrow it's my boyfriend's brother's birthday so I'm going to go to their place to celebrate after I'm done work. I also haven't seen my boyfriend in ages.....
Anyways this was all over the place but yeah that's just an update because I never update this LJ consistantly
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06 February 2017 @ 12:55 pm
I have been listening to Hadaka on repeat for daaayyysss. Im obsessed with it. They're such a good combination. That's all for today
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15 January 2017 @ 07:51 pm
I am going to update what has happened in the last 15 days. Sooooo idek where to start but let's just say 2017 has gotten off on a rocky start lol. First one day after I had left my boyfriends place I decided to get some food because I was starving and there were places on the way to my home.I had a very bad allergic reaction to (I'm assuming) a burger. It was baaaadd. I had it the night before for dinner and woke up with hella rashes on me.... I had to take 2 days off of work which ended up being okay because I took on some extra shifts afterwards. Then the next week again after meeting with my boyfriend I got the flu from him and I was sick for maybe almost a week. And I've finally started school again and I really love learning but the stress of everything makes in unenjoyable..... and to top it off there is so much drama going on at my work place that I really am thinking about quitting but I need money because I am a broke college student..... buuuuuut it is causing me more stress which I really do not need in my life... I have hella decisions to make and everything is stressing me out like I have no idea what I want to do.

On another note I have been OBSESSING over NEWS lately seriously. I am really beginning to love them. I want to watch some more of their shows and listen to more of their music but I literally have no time. I don't even have time to be typing this, but here I am.
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06 January 2017 @ 01:20 pm
I went out for sushi yesterday with my best friend. I only get to see her like once every month or once every other month. We had quite a bit of catching up to do. She reccomended that I watch Goblin. I saw the trailers for it and I thought it was a cute drama. So I watched the first episode and BAM!!! I'm like crying because it's so sad and shit LOL but it's actually a REAALLLYYYY good drama. Also one of my favorite Korean rock bands finally came out with a single omg. Let me die because it's sooo good. I missed them so much. The lead singer and guitarist went to the army and when they came out the guitarist was active with other people and the lead singer went MIA (not really, he was doing musicals but.......) I'M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW. Let me go and listen to the song until I get sick of it. Bye now~
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01 January 2017 @ 12:00 am
Happy New Year! It's finally 2017 here! I hope everyone has a blessed new year. 2016 has been a not so amazing year so let's hope 2017 begins on a good note.

I'm waiting for someone to upload the full Johnny's Countdown (I watched Kanjani's cut from it thanks to amazing uploaders but I wanna watch everyone <3) and KBS, SBS and MBC year end shows (actually I just want to watch Taeyeon performances <3).

I'm looking forward to this year. To look back on this year I'm going to choose 2 good things and one bad this that has happened this year. I got a new job and started dating my amazing boyfriend and one things that wasn't great was the stress at the beginning of the year. Doing this everyday really makes you think about the things in your life that you should be thankful for. There is always a silver lining. I hope you guys find your silver linings this year. Muah <3
29 December 2016 @ 09:54 pm
So last night after leaving my boyfriends place i had some McDonalds that I am assuming had been out for quite a while because today when I woke up I had a rash all over my face, torso and arms..... It's seriously so itchy like I can't sit or lay down because everywhere is just itching. I have Calamine lotion all over my body and it's making my skin so dry. It's supposed to soothe the itching but so far is not doing anything. And I took some medicine too.... This sucks... 
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26 December 2016 @ 11:56 pm
Long time no post. Here's what going on nowadays lol. This busy season is finally coming to an end. Thank goodness...... I feel like for the past couple days I have been losing my mind. Even today at work I felt like I was going crazy. But it's all good because I get a 2 day break from work where I can just relax. Today after work my boyfriend, our friends and I went out to get some food to eat adn we were talking and having the time of our life and didn't even notice when the restaurant closed and all the staff were waiting for us to leave.... Oops. I have tomorrow off and I'm probably going to go to my family's place for dinner and on Wednesday I am going to spend the whole day with my boyfriend for like the first time in a month.
I just watched Music Station Super Live I think it's time for me to expand the Japanese musicians I listen to. Obviously I love Kanjani's performance of Noroshi (Subaru looked damn hot, ugh my ovaries <3333333) I think I'm going to re watch one of Kanjani's concert DVD's right now.

yeah 'Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tastsu' is done, I'm just waiting for the last episodes subs to come out. It was super cute seriously Aragaki Yui can do a lot of different roles like I really love her. I'm still watching 'Oh My! Geumbi' but I'm currently two epsiodes behind and the only reason I haven't watched those episodes are because the drama is getting so serious and I really feel like crying seriously.... A drama that is starting soon that looks funny is Introvert Boss. The main actor is Yeon Woo Jin and he's very handsome. I watched another drama that he starred in called 'Marriage not Dating'. From what I recall it was a pretty good drama, he did his job portraying hs character nicely (unlike some other actors in the drama.....) so I am anticipating this new drama coming out not only because of the main actor but the writer and director of this drama is the same as 'Another Oh Hae Young' (a good drama but I lost track of the episode I was on and didn't finish and now in order to finish it I have to rewatch it from the beggining but I ain't got time for that). Anyways off to watch a concert DVD. Ciao!
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18 December 2016 @ 12:17 am
This is my final week where work is going to be hectic because Christmas is almost done and omg I'm so happy. Kinda feeling stressed (as usual) about school. But I really love learning, it's just the anxiety that comes with exams and shit.... like last year I remember studying for an exam in the library for like 6 hours and literally crying in the library because I was so anxious. That's just me being dramatic though and all that studying payed off because I passed with flying colors.
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This coming year is going to be a hassle for me because I have to juggle work, school, (boy)friend, and volunteering all together... I guess this is what it means to be an adult... I want to be a kid again, I don't want all these responsibilities.....
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